Broken Bracelet, Big Milestone

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can help us see the bigger picture. Hopefully sharing my experiences helps those living with mental health challenges - and to see the bigger picture too. I have a bracelet that I wear to help raise money and awareness for mental health. Last night it broke which … Continue reading Broken Bracelet, Big Milestone


5 Ways to Help a Friend with Anxiety

Wondering how to help those with anxiety? Here are the top 5 from @psychologytoday Summary 1. Educate yourself about what can help anxiety 2. Help your anxious friend break free of avoidance behavior 3. Destigmatize your friend's experience of anxiety 4. Beware the reassurance-seeking trap 5. Assist your friend/spouse/family member in getting help with anxiety Detail … Continue reading 5 Ways to Help a Friend with Anxiety