Speaking at Anxiety Program

Today I had the honor and humbling experience of speaking at the anxiety treatment program where I spent weeks learning how to accept anxiety. I completed outpatient therapy for my anxiety disorder two months ago (already?!) When I started program I was at rock-bottom. I had lost hope that I could live life with my … Continue reading Speaking at Anxiety Program


Bad Medicine: Alcohol, Depression and Anxiety

The link between alcohol, depressive and anxiety disorders It is widely known, and speaking from personal experience, that those with anxiety and depressive disorders are more likely to drink alcohol since it is readily-available and can bring (short-term) relief to anyone feeling nervous, anxious or stressed in a self-medicating fashion. Alcohol and Anxiety Anxiety and … Continue reading Bad Medicine: Alcohol, Depression and Anxiety

5 Ways to Help a Friend with Anxiety

Wondering how to help those with anxiety? Here are the top 5 from @psychologytoday https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-practice/201607/how-help-someone-anxiety Summary 1. Educate yourself about what can help anxiety 2. Help your anxious friend break free of avoidance behavior 3. Destigmatize your friend's experience of anxiety 4. Beware the reassurance-seeking trap 5. Assist your friend/spouse/family member in getting help with anxiety Detail … Continue reading 5 Ways to Help a Friend with Anxiety

How to Strip Anxious Thoughts of their Power

Persistent, obsessive, intrusive and unwelcome thoughts are major cornerstones of an anxiety disorder. You may also hear the terms "obsessive thoughts" and "worries." When I have them they seem to stay stuck, like a record skipping (which is a dated reference now 😀). Not only are these thoughts repetitive they can grow louder and more … Continue reading How to Strip Anxious Thoughts of their Power